Apologies for absence

Hello hive mind! This is just a quick note to say sorry I haven't been posting here, and to assure you there is much to follow. When I started this site I had grand ideas for my blog to be a pool of specific and intensive thinking, a space to demonstrate the nuanced prowess of my intellect (hah)! Clearly however, I'm either too slow or too lazy to churn out such info on a regular basis. So I've resigned myself to post things in a more free-flowing form: I'm not going to edit aside from spelling and grammar, I'm not going to shy away from the controversial for sake of appearing professional, and I'm going to allow myself to rant about voice, politics, music, and acting!


- Everything has been ticking over nicely in West Cork. Saint Patrick's Day was extremely busy, with several gigs in local pubs and a great party at Deer Park nursing home in Bantry. I was also honoured to be asked to sing as a session musician at Ocean Studios for top music producer Wayne Sheehy recently, on a nice little project commissioned by a fella writing a song to honour his father. It's a lovely space to work in, and Wayne is not only an exceptional musician and arranger, but a thoroughly lovely man to boot. So impressed am I by his workmanship, I'm even thinking about making an album myself at long last!

- In the voice world, I've been fortunate enough to be asked to present at the VASTA conference The Art of Story Telling in Singapore this August. Being awarded a scholarship by VASTA to help me attend is the icing on the cake, and I am indebted to the organisation for their financial assistance. 

- May Day discounts! In honour of International Workers Day, I'm offering special discounts to trade unions and their members throughout the month of May on all voice and music services. Simply add your trade union affiliation and membership number to the form when messaging me in the contact section of this website :-)