Who are you?

The above photo is from East Yorkshire, UK – that’s where I’m from. At 18 I took my first acting jobs in touring theatre before going on to train as an Actor-Musician at Rose Bruford College, and later as a Voice Coach at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama in London. 

I’ve been fortunate to have a wide ranging career in many parts of the world. From teaching voice across the Middle East to treading the boards in London’s West End; from record deals and celebrity parties, to busking my way through the Balkans; life has been varied and continues to define me as an international practitioner. My full name is Daniel MacAlistair Gott; I perform under my middle name, but teach using my surname.


What do you do?

Like most artists, many things! Predominantly, I revolve around my three main specialisms: voice coaching, acting, and music. I also do fencing (the sport), am a dab hand with a pool cue, and have keen interests in politics and human rights.

I love to travel with my work, not for the sake of sightseeing – but for truly living and breathing other cultures, for experiencing the world anew.


What can I expect from working with you?

As a teacher, a warm supportive approach strongly focused on student centred learning. Mindful of the ongoing conversations surrounding privilege and unconscious bias, whilst always seeking meaningful learning for each and every student. My primary focus is always on how you learn, what you want to learn, and what you can achieve.
As an artist or collaborator you will always find me honest and straight talking, with a keen understanding and interest in socioeconomic and socio-political viewpoints. I love to take a concept and run with it, knowing that what challenges us the most can often lead one to greater creative productivity.     

Want to know more?