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Having played for all manner of events from film soundtracks to fashion shows, weddings & wakes, and for a diverse range of clients, you can be assured a line-up of the finest musicians available are on hand to suit your specific needs.

Dancers, callers for Scottish or Irish Ceilidh, and various other physical performers can also be provided where requested. 

Rates are variable and competitive, use the contact button to request a quote.



Traditional Irish
Traditional Scottish
Waltz Mussette (French)
Improvised Music for Theatre



Irish Embassy (China)
Ocean Studios (IE)
Stella McCartney Ltd (UK)
London Irish Centre (UK)
Decca Records (UK)
Warner Bros (USA)
French Embassy (Bahrain)
La Gavroche (UK) 
Anya Hindmarch (UK)
Guy Ritchie (UK)
Robert Downey Jr (USA)




Irish Cultural Centre

“Just wish to say how much I enjoyed listening to you on Pat's Day in the ICC. I literally was blown away by the power of your delivery and hadn't heard anything like it for a good 50 years! That may sound a bizarre claim but to my ears, you came across as a hybrid between Liam Clancy and Luke Kelly when they were at their peak. Like I said to you when I shook your hand - you really can 'Pump the crowd up'!”

John O’Hora

The Punchbowl, Mayfair

“Justin Timberlake had been in town to launch his sportswear line, and couldn't resist popping down when he heard that a ceilidh was on the cards. And, credit where it's due, the boy can hold down a rhythm. Glistening with sweat, Timberlake speaks for us all as the all-jigging-juggernaut of a waltz grinds to a wheezy halt. "That was amazing," he cries, eyes moistened by the emotion of the occasion and several bottles of strong cider. "A-f***ing-may-zing!"”

GQ Magazine

French Embassy, Bahrain

“Thank you again for the exceptional music you supplied for our Bastille Day event, you really helped set the mood and we look forward to having you play for us again”

Michel Lisbonis




Playing with Jacquelyn Hynes (tin whistle), James Gavin (fiddle), Brian Kelly (banjo), J Eoin (guitar). 

ceilidh for a wedding in London with Bowreed


Promo for The Punchbowl Band

Punchbowl Band Interview, January 2010

Experimental music for Bred in the Bone Theatre Company.

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